King David

Defining actions that describe King David's leadership style.

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King David by Mind Map: King David

1. Actions

1.1. mourned the death of Saul and Jonathan

1.2. wanted to build a temple for God

1.3. shows kindness to Saul's relatives

1.4. moment of weakness

1.4.1. Bathsheba sending Uriah to his death

1.5. runs from Absalom

1.6. "I myself will surely go out with you also." 18:2

1.7. showed mercy to Absalom

2. Leadership

2.1. connects what he says with what he did (p.48)

2.2. strong personal values (p. 58)

2.3. sets a strong example (p. 72)

2.4. willing to do what he was asking others to do (p. 72)