Math 3

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Math 3 by Mind Map: Math 3

1. 6.1 Multiple representations of functions... Because each representation of a function describes the same relationship, you can often use any relationship to generate the others

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3. 6.2 Helpful hint... Remember to find the average rate of change over a data set, find the slope between the first and last data point.

4. 6.3 Piecewise Functions... A piecewise function is a combination of one or more functions. the rule for a piecewise function is different for different parts, or pieces, if the domain. For instance, movie ticket prices are often different for different age groups. so the function for the movie ticket prices would assign a different value for each domain interval.

5. 6.4. Caution... Horizontal translations changes both rules and the intervals of piecewise functions. Vertical translation change only the rules

6. 6.5. Composition of functions... Another function operation uses the output from one function as the input for a second function.

7. 6.6 One-To-One function... When both a relation and inverses are functions, the relation is called one-to-one. Each y-value is paired with exactly one x-value

8. 6.7 Helpful Hint... Because the square-root function is the inverse of the quadratic function, the constant differences for x- and y- values are switched