Technology to helpLearning be more meaningful

PLP Year 2

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Technology to helpLearning be more meaningful by Mind Map: Technology to helpLearning be more meaningful

1. travel

2. getting the kids excited about RL Spanish

3. I love learning about the human condition

3.1. Philosophy

3.2. History

3.3. Art

3.4. Music

4. How to bring quiet reflective thinking into a classroom with technology.

5. multiple intelligences

6. I love Using Technology to Organize My Life & Access New Ideas

7. how the brain works

8. Bringning media into the classroom

9. Literacy

10. teacher autonomy and PD

11. connected leadership

12. Global Learning

13. innovation in the elementary school

13.1. Children's Literature and Related Movies

13.1.1. Student Choice

14. Connecting what they do in the real world to what they do in school

15. Making connections for students to the real world.

15.1. Great Literature

16. I love learning about using technology to connect people.

16.1. choosing the technology that works best for the learners

17. taking care of the Earth

18. rethinking assessment and grading

19. How to help kids develop their own expectations for themselves.

20. popular culture

21. motivating children

21.1. 21st Century Learning

22. social media use to drive service projects

23. travel

24. writing

25. Sign language - non-verbal communication

26. exploring new adventures

27. The 50 states - what's unique about each one (with hopes of traveling to them all)

28. Visiting Places / comparing cultures

29. Children's Literature and Related Movies

30. Using Essential Question for the year or for a particular school

31. Taoism and Chinese Philosophy

32. learning how to be a better cook

33. Student Choice

34. Learning a different language

35. learning

36. Seeing the world through the lens of art

37. Video - using it for learning

38. School Community outreach

39. Integrating all learning

40. sharing what students have created online

41. developing a culture that pushes against the consumer paradigm.

42. connecting w/ others to learn about a topic from people who have experienced it

43. technology & photography

43.1. Sports

44. photography

45. Professional Learning Opportunities for teachers delivered using technology.

46. empathy for others

47. respecting and learning from others who are different from you.

48. Meshing 21st Century Skills with State Mandated Testing

49. Being green

50. Creating a studio classroom characterized by cooperative independent learning

51. Antiques

52. Traveling

53. Bringing media into the classroom

54. Web 2.0 tools

55. science

56. Community Service

57. Crafts

57.1. Photography

57.2. writing

57.3. Classical artwork

57.4. Scrapbooking

58. Exercise

58.1. reading

58.2. music

58.3. travel

58.4. sewing

58.5. poetry

58.6. spoken word, visual art

59. dogs

60. sports

61. cars