DAH 4.12.2019

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DAH 4.12.2019 by Mind Map: DAH 4.12.2019

1. Brow Navigation

1.1. Events

1.2. About Us

1.3. Donate

1.3.1. Artifact Donation (Form)

1.3.2. DAH Foundation

1.4. Blog

1.5. Contact

1.6. Phone Number

1.7. Search Bar

2. Main Navigation

2.1. Visit

2.1.1. Events

2.1.2. Authentic Arkansas

2.1.3. Museums & Sites Historic Markers Civil War Delta Cultural Center Historic Arkansas Museum Jacob Wolf House Mosaic Templars Natural Areas Old State House Museum Trapnall Hall

2.1.4. Food Hall of Fame

2.1.5. Natural Areas

2.1.6. Historic Locations Main Streets Commercial Districts Homes Cemeteries Arkansas Historical Markers Civil War Markers World War 1 Markers Arkansas Register of Historic Places Jacob Wolf House Statewide Markers Arkansas Governor's Grave Sites National Historic Landmarks National Register of Historic Places

2.1.7. Exhibits Traveling Exhibits Permanent Exhibits Past Exhibits Online Exhibits

2.1.8. Find a Tour Filtered events calendar Add form to schedule or request a form

2.2. Learn

2.2.1. Events

2.2.2. Museums & Sites

2.2.3. Commemorative Programs Civil War Sesquicentennial Women's Suffrage WWI Centennial Commermoration Food Hall of Fame

2.2.4. Exhibits

2.2.5. Find a Tour DCC HAM Jacob Wolf House OSH MTCC

2.2.6. Workshops & Seminars Include some sort of notation fro professional development

2.2.7. Teacher Resources Loan Boxes Lesson Plans Coloring Books/Pages Playing Cards Posters Puzzles Reading Materials Student Competitions Professional Development

2.2.8. Field Trip Programs Summer Programing OSH MTCC HAM DCC ANHC

2.2.9. Schedule a Speaker ANHC Options AHPP Options DCC Options HAM Options OSH Options MTCC Options

2.2.10. Community Resources Artists Registry

2.2.11. Records & Data ASA Options MTCC Options AHPP Databases HAM Options ANHC Database

2.2.12. Digital Collections Link to ASA

2.3. Preservation

2.3.1. Available Grants

2.3.2. Experts

2.3.3. Tax Credits

2.3.4. Building Preservation

2.3.5. Cemetery Preservation

2.3.6. Workshops & Seminars

2.3.7. Easements

2.3.8. Tribal Interests

2.3.9. Best Practices

2.4. Conservation

2.4.1. Natural Heritage/Natural Areas

2.4.2. Saving Arkansas Artifacts ASA Collections HAM Collections OSH Collections MTCC Collections Donate Artifacts

2.5. Grants

2.5.1. Available Grants AAC: AIE After-School/Summer Residency For each on this list: each process would accompany the appropriate grant AAC: AIE Art for Lifelong Learning Mini-Grants AAC: AIE Mini-Grants AAC: Arts Curriculum Project AAC: Arts on Tour Grant AAC: Collaborative Project Support AAC: General Operating Support AAC: Individual Artist Fellowship AAC: In-School Residency Program AAC: Major Arts Partners AAC: Sally A. Williams Artist Fund ASA: Curtis H. Sykes Memorial Grant AHPP: Certified Local Government Grants AHPP: County Courthouse Restoration Grants AHPP: Historic Preservation Restoration Grants AHPP: Rehabilitation Tax Incentives DAH: Arkansas Heritage Grants DAH: Arkansas Small Museum Grants DAH: Arkansas Historic Marker Program Grants DAH: National History Day Travel Grant Program

2.5.2. Grants Portal

2.5.3. Shop

2.5.4. Arkansas Historical Program

2.6. Records & Data

2.6.1. Experts

2.6.2. Genealogy

2.6.3. Historic Register

2.6.4. Museum Collections Old State House

2.6.5. Rare Species

2.6.6. State Archives

2.7. Multimedia

2.7.1. Event Calendar

2.7.2. 2FAN Events

2.7.3. Blog

2.7.4. Newsletter

2.7.5. Publications

2.7.6. Videos & Podcasts

2.7.7. FAQ

2.7.8. News Releases

3. Footer Navigation

3.1. About Us

3.1.1. Mission

3.1.2. Core Values

3.1.3. Strategic Plan

3.1.4. Personnel

3.1.5. Advisory Boards & Commissions

3.1.6. Friends Groups

3.1.7. Arkansas Governor's Page

3.1.8. Freedom of Information

3.2. Divisions

3.2.1. Arkansas Arts Council

3.2.2. Arkansas Historic Preservation Program

3.2.3. Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission

3.2.4. Arkansas State Archives

3.2.5. Delta Cultural Center

3.2.6. Historic Arkansas Museum

3.2.7. Mosaic Templars Cultural Center

3.2.8. Old State House Museum

3.3. Contact Us

3.4. Visit

3.5. Job Opportunities

3.6. Volunteer

3.7. Donate

3.8. Rentals

3.9. Shop

3.10. Public Notices

3.11. Newsletter Signup

3.12. Phone Number

3.13. Email

3.14. Physical Address

4. Dropdown Division Menu

4.1. AR Arts Council

4.2. AR Food Hall of Fame

4.3. AR State Archives

4.4. AR Historic Preservation Program

4.5. Delta Cultural Center

4.6. Historic Arkansas Museum

4.7. Jacob Wolf House

4.8. Main Street Arkansas

4.9. Mosaic Templars Cultural Center

4.10. Old State House Museum

4.11. Trapnall Hall


5.1. AAC

5.1.1. About Staff Council Members Available Grants

5.1.2. Registry & Rosters Arkansas Artist Registry Arts in Education Arts on Tour Artist Roster

5.1.3. Programs GetSmART! Workshops Arkansas Living Treasure Award Governor's Arts Awards Poetry Out Loud Small Works on Paper Arkansas Creative Economy Project

5.1.4. Support Us Donate

5.1.5. News & Events Event Calendar Blog Newsletter Signup Photos & Videos

5.2. ASA

5.2.1. About Staff History Arkansas History Commission Black History Commission of Arkansas Regional Archives Available Grants

5.2.2. Registry & Rosters Search Records & Collections Digital Collections Research Services Subject Guides Transfer Records

5.2.3. Programs Exhibits Publications Schedule a Speaker Ask an Archivist Youth Education

5.2.4. Support Us Become a Volunteer Donate Materials Friends of the ASA AR History Colleges

5.2.5. News & Events Event Calendar Blog Newsletter Signup Photos & Videos

5.3. OSHM

5.3.1. About History Staff Rentals Tour & Field Trips Youth Education Contact Us

5.3.2. Exhibits Permanent Exhibits Current Exhibits Traveling Exhibits Virtual Tour

5.3.3. Collections & Research Search the Collections Donate to Our Collections Publications

5.3.4. Support Us Donate Planned Giving Donate to Our Collection Join OSHMA/ASHS Volunteer

5.3.5. News & Events Event Calendar Blog Newsletter Signup Photos & Videos Summer Programming

5.4. MTCC

5.4.1. About History Staff Rentals FAQs Youth Education Tours & Field Trips Professional Development Contact Us

5.4.2. Exhibits Permanent Exhibits Current Exhibits Traveling Exhibits Virtual Tour

5.4.3. Collections & Research Search the Collections Research MTC Members/Gravestones Donate to Our Collection

5.4.4. Support Us Donate Capital Campaign Donate to Our Collection Friends/Building Preservation Volunteer

5.4.5. News & Events Event Calendar Blog Newsletter Signup Photos & Videos Summer Programming

5.5. HAM

5.5.1. About History Staff Rentals Youth Education Tours & Field Trips Professional Development Interactive Map Contact Us

5.5.2. Exhibits Permanent Exhibits Current Exhibits Past Exhibits Online Tour

5.5.3. Collections & Research Search Collections Arkansas History Timeline Arkansas Made Book Series Arkansas Living Treasure Film Project

5.5.4. Support Us Donate Become a Member Volunteer Programs Corporate Sponsorships Donate to Our Collection

5.5.5. News & Events Event Calendar Special Events Blog Newsletter Signup Summer Programming

5.6. DCC

5.6.1. About History Staff Venues Tours & Field Trips Plan Your Visit Youth Education

5.6.2. Exhibits Permanent Exhibits Current Exhibits

5.6.3. Collections & Research Permanent Collections Blues Artwork

5.6.4. Support Us

5.6.5. News & Events Event Calendar Special Events King Biscuit Time Blog Newsletter Signup Summer Programming

5.7. ANHC

5.7.1. About History Staff Commission Conservation Partners FAQs Youth Education

5.7.2. Natural Areas About Natural Areas Find a Natural Area Native Plants

5.7.3. Programs Arkansas Heritage Program Data Requests Rare Species Search Youth Education Resources

5.7.4. Support Us Volunteer Donate

5.7.5. News & Events Event Calendar Blog Newsletter Signup Photos & Videos

5.8. AHPP

5.8.1. About Staff Advisory Board State Historic Preservation Plan Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation Available Grants

5.8.2. Properties Jacob Wolf House National Register of Historic Places Arkansas Register of Historic Places Historical Markers, Sites & Trails National Historic Landmarks

5.8.3. Programs Main Street Arkansas Cemetary Preservation Grants & Tax Credits Services Outdoor Sculpture Database Tours Passport Program Youth Education Educational Resources Review & Compliance Program

5.8.4. Support Us Donate

5.8.5. News & Events Event Calendar Blog Newsletter Signup Photos & Videos