Chapter 6 Terms & Examples

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Chapter 6 Terms & Examples by Mind Map: Chapter 6 Terms & Examples

1. 6-1 Multiple Representations of Functions

1.1. Example: The manager of Leonard's Lemonades wants to estimate his daily profit by multiplying the number of lemonade cups by $5. To find this he could set up an equation: p=5n

2. 6-3 Piecewise Functions

2.1. Piecewise function: a function that is a combination of one or more function.

2.2. Step function: a piecewise function that is constant for each interval of it's domain.

3. 6-2 Comparing Functions

3.1. Example: On a table, the y column numbers are 4, 2, 0 -2. The x column numbers are 0, 3, 6, 9.

4. 6-4 Transforming Functions

4.1. Example: For a horizontal function, right would be f(x-h) moves the function h unites right. Left would be f(x+h) moves the function h units left.

5. 6-5 Operations with Functions

5.1. Composition of functions: When a function operation uses the output from one function as the input for a second function.

6. 6-6 Functions & their Inverses

6.1. One-to-one function: each y-value is paired with exactly one x-value.