Sheyenne Donlay: Psychology and Law

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Sheyenne Donlay: Psychology and Law by Mind Map: Sheyenne Donlay: Psychology and Law

1. Contact

1.1. Will include a template for users of my site to contact me themselves.

1.1.1. Has a form that visitors can complete to contact me if they desire.

2. Course Projects

2.1. Will include the various assignments and projects I have completed during my EDT180 course.

2.1.1. Action Research Report: An assignment I completed with a partner. We researched a topic, drew a hypothesis and research question, then conducted research accordingly.

2.1.2. Cover Letter and Resume: Created a Cover Letter and Resume specifically for a job at a law office.

2.1.3. Digital Photo Editing: Showcase my skills when it comes to using Adobe Photoshop.

2.1.4. Digital Storytelling: An animation demonstrating what it takes to become a lawyer and what steps you need to take.

2.1.5. Google Drive: Will have a link to my ASU Google Drive and an embedded psychology quiz on the sleep cycle.

2.1.6. Graphic Design: Includes a QR Code linked to my website located on a graphic design created by myself.

2.1.7. Infographic: An infographic I produced by myself focused on the sleep cycle studied in Psychology.

2.1.8. Screencasting: A screencast assignment I created explaining Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. A diagram of the brain

2.1.9. TECH Talk PowerPoint: A copy of my TECH Talk PowerPoint will be located here.

3. Home

3.1. Will contain my name in the title and on all other pages. A well developed introduction paragraph, a short biography, and a headshot photo.

3.1.1. Will keep Weebly SM icons and will input some of my own social medias.

4. Tagline: A website for my EDT course, to enhance my ability to accomplish online tasks and other technological tasks.

5. Blog

5.1. Will include blog posts written by me about topics focused on technology and psychology.

5.1.1. Emerging Technologies: Coding: Will include information based on my coding experience

5.1.2. AR, VR, & MR: Will include my TECH Talk PowerPoint

5.1.3. Psych Out Your Taste Buds: Will be about an experiment that can trick your taste buds into feeling a certain way

5.1.4. Psychology: A post describing what psychology is.

6. Professional Resources

6.1. Will contain Web 2.0 resources relating to psychology.

6.1.1. Will include various collections of podcasts, polls, surveys, and more focused on psychology.