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1. "Changing music trends daily, join the movement or get left behind."

1.1. Utilizing new sounds and patterns that is unfamiliar with the mainstream music scene.

1.1.1. Invest in yourself and purchase your tracks today. Today's unknown is tomorrow's next big thing. Be a trend setter, not a trend follower.

2. contact

2.1. Will give contact info so users can purchase beats, or voice their concerns and suggestions.

2.1.1. QR code for quick contact, leading to more business inquires and easy purchases.

3. Home

3.1. Title, Image, brief introduction paragraph to attract viewers

3.1.1. Will include digital logo

4. About

4.1. Will inform users that this page is a website that showcases my brother, P Band$ beats and allows for purchase or business inquires.

4.1.1. Will include screenshot that leads to easy site navigation.

5. Course Projects

5.1. Will Contain projects completed throughout the semester using various softwares and programs.

6. Blog

6.1. Area for discussion, topics may vary from helpful beat making techniques to new releases and upcoming projects.

6.1.1. Will include a poll that communicates the overall customers' opinions

7. Tagline