Animal Imagery

Wuthering Heights

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Animal Imagery by Mind Map: Animal Imagery

1. "They are Dove's eyes" (Isabella)

1.1. Peace

1.2. Escape/flight

1.2.1. Victorians were familliar with (Due to popular art)

1.2.2. Key to Gothic Genre

1.3. Special Status

1.4. Gentle

1.5. Mate for life

1.5.1. Loyalty

1.6. Romance

1.7. Natural Imagery

1.8. Positive

1.9. Christian symbol

1.9.1. Noah's Ark Hope and Promise

1.9.2. Symbol of the Holy Spirit Pentecost Baptism of Jesus

1.9.3. Supernatural Emily Bronte's father was a priest Cathy/Heathcliff viewed Thrushcross grange as Heaven, associated with Isabella/Edgar Isabella is at first Angelic- becomes a fallen angel when she comes to Wuthering Heights.

2. "A fierce, pitiless, Wolfish man" (Heathcliff)

2.1. Split Personality

2.1.1. Wolf/Man

2.2. Fantasy

2.3. Controlled by nature. E.g, the moon

2.4. Like dogs= lower status

2.5. Writer= inspired by her own dogs

2.6. Wolfs were not in England when Bronte wrote it

2.6.1. They were foreign to her Much like Heathcliff

2.7. Biblical

2.7.1. Wolf= Greedy/ Dishonest gain

2.8. Classical Mythology

2.8.1. Nurturing and Protecting characteristics (lupa from roman mythology)

2.8.2. Remus and Romulus

2.9. Hunted by Hindley

2.10. "The boy who cried wolf"

2.10.1. "a wolf in sheeps clothing" (or the opposite)

3. "Tigress"/ "Vixen" (Isabella)

3.1. "Tigress"

3.1.1. Stalks her Prey Obsessed with Heathcliff

3.1.2. Predatory

3.1.3. Royal Part of the upper class

3.1.4. Nurturing/Protective

3.2. "Vixen"

3.2.1. Female Fox

3.2.2. Malicious/ Temperamental woman

3.2.3. Promiscuous Woman

3.2.4. Vermin- Hunted by Humans

4. "A bird of a bad omen" (Heathcliff)

4.1. "Omen"

4.1.1. Connotations of bad fortune and death Mr Earnshaw dies soon after Heathcliffs arrival at Wuthering Heights Heathcliffs a Gypsy May have been a 'curse'

4.2. "Bird"