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Zeus by Mind Map: Zeus
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Zeus was the king of the gods is the son of Cronus and Rhea. One of his famous tales told by Hesiod was about how he usurped the kingdom of  immortals from his father. Zeus's brothers and sisters are Posiden the king of the sea, Hades,king of the underworld, Hera,goddess of marrige and also one of his wives, and Hestia goddess of the home. Zeus's children are Apollo Hermes Are Artemis Aprodite Athena  


Hermes is the son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, he is known as the gods messanger, but he's the god of "shephards, land travel, merchants, weights and measures". When he was born, he slipped away as his mother was sleeping, stole some cattle from his brother, Apollo and crafted the first lyre from one of the cows guts and a tortoise shell. Apollo got mad because he knew that it was Hermes that had taken his cows. while Apollo and Maia argued, Hermes began to play the lyre. Apollo liked the music and offered his cows for the lyre. That is how Apollo became a master of the lyre.


Athena is zeus' daughter, she leaped from his head fully dressed in armor. Athena is the goddess of Wisdom and Craftmanship though sometimes she is called the goddess of war


Apollo is the god of music, prophecy, colonization, medicine, archery, poetry, dance, intellectaul, inquiry, the carer of herds and flocks, an of light. One story that involves Apollo is how he rided Pytho of the serpent python(it was his first battle). Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto, twin of Artimes, and many more brothers and sisters.  


He is the ruler of the sea A story that he was in was how he and his sister Athena fought over the city of Athens, but lost because she gave the people the olive tree. He is the brother of Zeus, Demeter, Hades, Hera, and Hestia.  


Aphrodite was the greek goddess of Love, beauty, and pleasure. She was the daughter of Zeus and titan Dione.   She was famous for offering Helene to Paris of Troy.


Hades is the brother of Zues Hades is the lord of the dead and ruler of the nether world. An important story that invovles Hades is how he tricked Persephone to live in theh under world with him for half a year every year, and because of that demeter turns summer into winter. important family members are Persephone, Posidon, and Zeus