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Zeus by Mind Map: Zeus
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Zeus is the youngest son of titain cronus and rhea, He is the supreme ruler of mount olympus he is also a weather God and he is the god of the gods. Zeus had many kids in his time from his wife hera.Hera give him four wounderful childern.But after that zeus had so many other kids and relaions with others    


Athena is the virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature. She is the daughter of Zeus and his favorite child. she is very brave in battles and is the embodiment of wisdom and purity.


Poseidon is the god of the sea and earthquakes. he was the brother to zeus and hades. one of his famous stories is his love afair with his sister, Demeter. Poseidon pursued Demeter and to avoid him she turned herself into a mare. Because he loved her, Poseidon transformed himself into a stallion and captured her. They eventually gave birth to a horse, Arion.


Aphrodite is the goddess of love, desire, beauty, and physical attraction. In Homeric legends she is daughter to Zeus and Dione. She was forced to become the wife of Hephaestus, the lame and ugly god of fire and smithing, by his mother, Hera - or by Zeus as punishment for Aphrodite being so prideful. As a result of this marriage she had many lovers: Ares, God of War; Hermes, Zeus's special messenger and ambassador; Poseidon, God of the Sea; Dionysus; Anchises, the mortal she was forced to fall in love with by Zeus as punishment for toying with the love of the other gods; and Adonis, the beautiful mortal that she spend half the year in the upperworld and the other half in the underworld with Persephone. She also had many children such as Deimus (terror), Phobus (fear), Hermonia, Eros (commonly known as Cupid) - all four fathered by Ares - Aeneas (rummored founder of Rome) - fathered by Anchises - and Hermaphroditus - fathered by Hermes. One of the most famous myths including Aphrodite is the one depicted how she assisted in starting the Trojan war: During a grand celebration, the resentful goddess of discord, Eris, tossed a Golden Apple marked to the "Fairest Goddess" into the banquet hall where the Gods ate. This spakred a fight between Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. Zeus forced the prince of Troy, Paris, to choose the fairest goddess. All three bribed him with gifts, but Aphrodite's bribe to give Helen, the wife of King Menelaus of Sparta, was Paris' favorite. After Aphrodite attained the apple, she helped Paris win the heart of Helen. Sparta's attempt to get Helen back sparked the Trojan war. During the ten years of war, Aphrodite assisted the Trojan solidiers - mostly Paris - and Athena and Hera, still upset about the contest, aided the Greeks. Aphrodite also assisted in the war because of her connection with one of the Trojan leaders, the brave Aeneas - the son she had with Anchises.


hades is the brother of zeus. he was made the lord of the underworld by a bad draw when splitting up the parts of the world with his brothers Zeus and Poseidon. he is also the god of wealth. he has a helmet htat makes him invisable and he rarely leaves the underworld.


Son of Zeus. Apollo is referred to as "God of the Sun". Apollo is considered the ideal  "manly beauty". He is the twin brother of Artemis. Apollo was born on a floating island because his mother had an affair with Zeus and was banned from earth by Hera, the wife of Zues. Apollo during his time had many love affairs with both mortals and godesses, just as his father.  


Hermes is the god of sheperds, land travel, merchants, measures and weights, literature, athletics and theives. He is also the messenger and ambassador to the gods. He is said to be the son of Zeus and the nympth Maia. Along with being the messenger, another job he had was leading the dead into the underworld and he is credited with creating instruments such as the lyre and the flute. Hermes is thought to have had many lovers. His divine lovers were Aphrodite, two underworld goddesses refered to as Brimo and Daeira, Persephone, and many different types of nympths. His many rumored children include Pan, mothered by Dryope; Abderus; Hermanphroditus, mothered by Aphrodite; and Eleusis, mothered by Daeira. Euandros, Daphnis, Kaikos, Saon, and Agreus are all children of Hermes who were mothered by different nympths. There are also many rumors of Hermes having children with different mortal women. Hermes has been called very clever and all of the stories that include him are about him using his wits to defeat poweful creatures. In one story it was Hermes who saved Zeus's lover, Io, from Argus, the hundred-eyed giant, after the jealous Hera orded Argus to watch over Io. Hermes used his flut to charm the creature and as it slept he cut off its head and released Io. To honor Argus, Hera scattered its eyes onto the tail of a peacock (her sacred bird) - giving the peacock its trademark tail. Also, Zeus sent Hermes down to release Odysseus from the nympth Calypso. He used his cleverness to pursuade the nympth to release him from the island where he was kept.