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Zeus by Mind Map: Zeus
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Relation: IS Zeus God of: The sky, the rain, justice, mercy, the protector of the weak, and the punisher of the wicked. Story: See link family members: Cronus (father), Rhea (mother)


Relation: Brother of Zeus God of:The underworld, the dead, hidden earthly wealth (such as fertility of soil, precious metals, etc.), Story: See link. Family members:Persephone (wife), Zeus (brother), Cronus (father), Rhea (mother), Posiden (brother),


Daughter of Zeus Goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. story : see link Family member: Zeus (father), Metis (mother) ( goddess of wisdom and Zeus' first wife), Poseidon (uncle), and Erichthnonius (son).


Relation: Son of Zesus God of: prophecy, colonization, medicine, archery, poetry, dance, intellectual inquiry, the carer of herds and flocks, god of light and plague. Story: See link. Family members: Leto (mother), Zeus (father), Artemis (sister),  


Relation: daughter of Zeus Goddess of: love, beauty, sexual rapture, protectress of sailors. Story: See link. Family members:Zeus (father), Dione (mother), Aeneas (son), Hephaestus (smith god) (husband)


Relation: Son of Zeus, personal agent and herald of Zeus God of: animal husbandry, roads, travel, hospitality, heralds, diplomacy, trade, thievery, language, writing, persuasion, cunning wiles, athletic contests, gymnasiums, astronomy, and astrology. Story: See link. Family members: Zeus (father), Maia (mother) (daughter of Atlas),


Brother of Zeus Poseidon was known as god of the sea, Earth-shaker,Rain god, cloud gatherer. also known as the roman god neptune.