Focusing questions for Initiatives

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Focusing questions for Initiatives by Mind Map: Focusing questions for Initiatives

1. Are we taking time to understand what could possibly go wrong in the future and work backwards from there to mitigate or lower exposure?

2. Are we having frank conversations with leaders who want to keep the cake and eat it too?

2.1. Do we have only a few external dependencies and are they only low impact?

2.1.1. Are we getting better through reflection, experimentation and learning?

3. Are we ACTUALLY working on the most important thing and not getting sucked into firefighting?

4. Strategy & Plan

4.1. Do we have a clear strategy?

4.1.1. Can all our stakeholders articulate it?

4.2. Is there a clear line of sight from the strategy to the tactical plan?

5. Focus

5.1. Are we doing too many things to be effective?

5.2. Are we delivering to our commitments?

5.3. Articulating the trade-offs

6. Delivery engine/dynamic

6.1. Are we closely collaborating?

6.2. Do we have the right capabilities and capacity?

7. Vulnerabilities