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Asa Culver by Mind Map: Asa Culver

1. Reference Page

2. Strategic Planning Page

3. Portfolio

3.1. Photography

3.1.1. Visual Portfolio of my photography

3.2. Digital Design

3.2.1. Portfolio of my graphic design work, and digital art

3.3. Film

3.3.1. short films i have worked on and contributed to

4. Projects Page

4.1. The following will be listed as links to the projects Digital Logo Digital Photo Editing Graphic Design, with QR Code Professional Web 2.0 Resources Social Media PowerPoint Presentation Social Media Animation Google Form Infographic Screenshot Screencast Presentation Google Products [group] Research & Presentation Emerging Technologies Blog Digital Story Video

5. Contact Information

6. About Me

6.1. In my about me page I will have a description of myself and y background. Where i go to school, the kind of work i do, and why i do what i do. I will use an infographic to do this.

7. Additional Information

7.1. Resume

7.2. Cover letter

7.3. Portrait Contract

7.3.1. Google Form for clients to sign

8. My website is designed to showcase my portfolio, and to be able to contact me for photography purposes.