Benefits Film Festival


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Benefits Film Festival by Mind Map: Benefits Film Festival

1. Marketing

1.1. Design

1.1.1. Social Campaign

1.1.2. Website

2. Events

2.1. Seminars

2.1.1. Hire hosts for each seminar Develop presentations and content Rehearse Seminar

2.2. Activities

2.2.1. Fun Activities for Youth Cost break down for equipment Purchase equipment

2.2.2. Contests Plan contest guidelines and rules Campaign Contest

2.3. Film Showcase

2.3.1. Hold a submission form for independent films Judge films Showcase Films

3. Invitations

3.1. Invite prominent Independent filmmakers

4. Cost

4.1. Determine Resources

4.1.1. Determine expenses Cost Breakdown Budget costs

5. Location

5.1. Research locations to hold right capacity of people

5.1.1. Determine cost Contact vendor or owner of location Secure reservation

6. Audience

6.1. Target age group

6.1.1. Promote and campaign towards age group Create activities age appropriate Hold activities for age groups