Peter van Stolk: Riding the Roller Coaster of Business, Branding and Life

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Peter van Stolk: Riding the Roller Coaster of Business, Branding and Life by Mind Map: Peter van Stolk:  Riding the Roller Coaster of Business, Branding and Life

1. @SPUDVancouver

2. Dreams

2.1. Wonderful stories

2.1.1. Mother was a dremer Follow your heart Needed the freedom that dreams provided

2.2. allows us to create our own future.

2.3. Give us a sense of freedom

3. Plans

3.1. Dad was a planner

3.1.1. Provided him a structure for his life

3.2. Allow us to be comfortable with the future

3.3. New node

4. Fear

4.1. of change

4.1.1. for planners it means giving up control

4.1.2. for dreamers It's accountaibility

4.2. summoning courage

4.2.1. finding sayings : what do you have to lose?

4.2.2. family loves you

4.2.3. could lose money, but that's business

4.2.4. Totally freeing to be free from those fears

4.3. Created a culture that was comfortable with change

4.3.1. Did something different Paintball Bungee Jumping all the women jumped, 1/3 of men jumped Judy: got out of her fear!

4.4. When you get away from fear, you can do so much.

5. Listening

5.1. communicate without judging

5.2. do you hear your own voice when you are listening to someone? Are you really listening then?

5.3. Acknowledge what's being said!

5.4. All greatest successes have come from listening, and failures come when you don't listen.

6. how we deal with the future

6.1. Dreams

6.2. Plans

6.3. Future is about change

6.3.1. How we will adapt to change will define our lives

6.3.2. Be comfortable with change

6.3.3. Leo Tolstoy: everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves

6.3.4. We start the change, it's personal

6.3.5. We don't do it because it's scary

7. Creating the company

7.1. employees have to be emotionally connected

7.2. stakeholders have to be emotionally connected

7.3. Start with building relationships with your stakeholders if you are looking to start a business.

8. How to deal with change:

8.1. understand the future by listening

8.2. Change and death are what we have in common

9. Key to Success:

9.1. use your ears and mouth in proportion!

9.2. You have 2 ears and 1 mouth

9.3. your ears won't get you in trouble

10. Planners & Dreamers

10.1. Greatest dreamers are those who learned how to plan

10.1.1. MLK

10.1.2. Ghandi

10.2. What's important:

10.2.1. Imagination

10.2.2. Heart

10.2.3. Feelings

10.3. Incorporate those into your plan, and you'll have success

10.4. Focus on the future, rather than reacting to the present. Be present for tomorrow!

10.5. Encourage your children to plan their dreams, and they will be happy!