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David Olsen: On the Road to Creativity by Mind Map: David Olsen: 
On the Road to Creativity
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David Olsen: On the Road to Creativity


16 years old, bought a van

travelled the world

learned about the internet on the day Gerry Garcia died

Always been bringing together technology and culture

started at gr4 science project


Worldwide juggernaut

Playing a role in the revolution

Right here from E Van

He's not a technologist

took 17 years to get a bachelor's

In interdisciplinary studies

being the rosetta stone between suits and geeks, Secret sauce for him to stay employed

What he learned

Art makes the future

This is how we have learned about history

Without artists, we only have a record written by the winners

Offended by CONTENT

Where's the quality?

Don't get precious with your stuff

Most people deal with obscurity, not piracy

You need to be in between your audience and your awesomeness!

Find a place where you can put the two together and rock their world on a daily basis!

Creativity starts with a walk

80% meditation

10% inspiration

10% inebriation

Role Models that we've had

War & Peace: it's not just a trivia answer, it's a book, read it!

We need new heroes!

Just had rock starts and celebrities

Personal Anthropology

Who were you in your past lives?

Dig out that shoebox and put it out there

It deserves an audience

Who were you at 15? 25? 5?

Express with Vigor!

If you are awesome, you can get away with anything, just ask him!

Don't get hung up on who is going to like it?

Ignore the gatekeepers! They're just stone

write for yourself, write for others

It's not about signing your rights away, it's about building the tribe around your content

Take Risks!

Those situtations are those that test you, really figure out who you are!

Everything/Nothing is new!

We are just reinvent the same stuff

It's direspectful to say that we are creating something original

It's just a conglomeration of all the little thoughts in your head

Tech is just a Tool

It's an awesome tool but it's just a tool

Telegrams lasted about 150 years, do you think Twitter will last that long?

Be your own eyewitness

held jobs in Germany, Japan

learned from experience and diversity

Twitter is like a CB Radio

Develop your own code

Develop relationships with people you may never meet

If you do meet them, they are not what you expect

And you share your cultural info, such as coffee shops. etc. Develop those relationships.

CB is social media!

An ability to amplify interestingness

Stop counting hits, followers, etc.

Do something interesting! Share something interesting!

Be the Driver (sometimes)

Put a sign up: This is my cause, this is my movement!

Be wary of getting kicked off the bus though!

Always be hustling

Sold chestnuts at Amsterdam

Started making money, got his job as a picker

Mushroom Farmer in Japan

Reap Rewards

Might get lonely

You can only do this by putting yourself out there

If you practice hard enough, you will reap rewards!