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Shift2: Pervasive Learning: Facing the Challenges of the 21st Century by Mind Map: Shift2: Pervasive Learning: Facing the Challenges of the 21st Century
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Shift2: Pervasive Learning: Facing the Challenges of the 21st Century

Shouldn't this be: People using IT is a cause of change

Turn schools into research hubs - ruthless automation of admin, focus on time budget, beyond school boundaries

Why not go a step further and make schools a system that directs children onto self-autonomous tasks that they do themselves or part of a team? Include local business to not only give students a look into the working world but also to allow them to learn outside the classroom and bring back a little more kinetic nature to the educational system thats had its foot chained to a desk for too long.

Chris Yapp

One of the authors of Shift Happens

Agyris & Schon definition - schools previously not always learning organisations

After break - is technology something that doesn't work? A chair is technology....

Technologies - ability to improve learning phenominally OR technology gets in the way of learning?

Is there a mismatch between drivers such as transformation and technology terms?

Community learning networks - libraries, schools & colleges, home, leisure centres, office, cultural centres

vertical integration of organisation - CEO, Staff & ops, finance, personnel, customer service

Raymond Williams... education for (top down); understanding; adapting to change; authorship of change

Schools beyond level 2

Day 1 at school - parental learning contract (book ICTeachers)

Can we justify IT on solely learning gains?

Purpose of education - personal growth, economic performance, social cohesion

Jackie Holderness AFA

ICT Tools for Future teachers

Jackie; AFA research shows some children with disabilities outperformed other children - hence national rollout of model; Achievement for All (

John Cuthell

Young peoples’ uses of digital technologies

MirandaMod/AFA event. Supported by Bedford students - learned technology quickly & will be supporting at Bett 12!

Which processes in schools are most open to automation, now and in next five years?

Storing and indexing all content. To include all filing of all work by students as well as teachers and other workforce sectors. While tagging may be manual (obviously) there is no need for 'filing cabinet' models of files storage. Indeed, such models are impeding the effective retrieval, use and re-use of content.

What data do schools have which is useful to help them improve?

They have not only a system of review for themselves but might also have the data of other schools currently being reviewed. From this data a school could look at what seperates them from a school, not valued for academic results, but valued for the experience its pupils and staff have received. its important to remember schools should work to form well rounded people and that test results do not say all about a person or their education.

Which stakeholders could IT make biggest impact on from position of school effectiveness?

What should school leadership team look like by 2020?

The term 'leadership team' is really a euphemism for 'management'. That needs clarification. Leadership is not, and should not be, a special position in a hierarchy of authority. Management, as we understand the term at the moment, is an impediment to change. Management should be subordinated to leadership. The Leadership Team should be a biennially elected group drawn from the community as a whole. Anyone can stand. There should be a limit on duration of re-election. All leaders are subject to peer appraisal.

What new roles would be a priority to improve schools systemically.

What should schools stop doing by 2020?

Are innovations from schools or teachers?

Maybe the schools need stop competing with eachother, has anyone seen this khan academy yet?