Ch. 11 Proteins (group 6)

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Ch. 11 Proteins (group 6) by Mind Map: Ch. 11 Proteins (group 6)

1. 2

2. Summary

2.1. The Nutritional Contributions of Proteins

2.2. protein is one of the energy proteins for us. it is needed fro growth and repair of body tissue.

2.2.1. - Support growth and repair

2.2.2. - Fight Disiease

2.2.3. - Maintain fluid and mineral balance

2.2.4. Maintain pH Balance

2.2.5. Control Bodily Functions

2.2.6. Provide energy

2.2.7. Future protein needs

2.3. Health Concerns

2.3.1. - the immune system will sometimes mistaken a protein in food for a harmful substance, this is known as food allergy.

2.3.2. Symptoms include but not limited to: watery eyes, hives, itching, coughing, wheezing, swollen joints, etc.

3. Elizabeth Guzman, Adrian Olivera, Cameron Chavarria , Miguel Castan

4. General Info

4.1. 1. What are the are 4 food allergy symptoms that you may experience if your immune system has a negative reaction to a protein?

4.2. 2. What do antibodies do?

5. Key Visuals

5.1. Examples of food Protein sources

6. Key Vocabulary

6.1. Antibodies: Proteins designed to attack foreign substances that enter the body.

6.2. Triticale: is a cross of wheat and rye that has more protein than any variety of wheat

6.3. Amaranth: a traditional Aztec grain with high quality protein

6.4. ketones: an organic compound carbonyl group =c=o bounded to two hydrocarbon groups

7. Page numbers

7.1. 323-327