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The What

Leading people through the process of getting into the faith realm, interviewing the experts in their given fields, confess the truth interviewing them and putting the Who Am I mindmap up there using MindJet (hope they have links within the mindjet embed) and leading people from glory to glory from start to finish including heavenly treasures, how to love, getting all of the best sermons and mindmapping them so people can understand them easily and they don't have to scrounge around and listen to the whole thing and get distracted, so they can read the best Christian books and read the best Christian sermons in a fun format with pictures and links and then they can buy the book after they get the whole concept just giving them a real overview and promoting true Biblical Wisdom them depending on God and even go through the whole goal setting process the whole counseling process with the best exercises there.

The Why

The reasons I absolutely must reach this goal is because this information needs to get out there, I am so passionate about these maps and that this means so much to me... Taking people from start to finish and breaking down the best sermons a spot where my generation can interactively see these sermons and receive the knowledge, if the battle is in the mind than this is a full-frontal force attack! This MUST happen, and I will be able to connect with these authors very easily.

The Pain

The pain I would feel if I don't complete this goal would include... I know I would be missing out on saving many lost souls and feeding many of God's sheep, in other words, I would miss out on Heavenly Treasures, and I would also not feel satisfied until it's up there and it's search engine optimized and there's a link to it on the top Christian websites and there's a service that it provides

The Pleasure

The pleasure I would feel when I do get this goal would be... having people submitting mindmaps, perhaps having a subscription or turn it into a store to download that plus the eBook and get a personal audio interview of the authors or perhaps give that all away for free, I believe the LORD is going to use this website in so many ways and it's going to affect so many people, and there is nothing any demon can do about it in the Name of Jesus


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