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1. Mission

1.1. The What

1.2. The Why

1.3. The Pain

1.4. The Pleasure

2. Goal

2.1. Resources Needed

2.1.1. TEAM Online Friends He Reigns Christian Network Members Rey Augstin

2.1.2. EQUIPMENT/TOOLS Program MindMeister Memberships MindJet Manager Serials

2.1.3. PROMOTION Local Churches Top Christian Websites Promoted Videos on YouTube

2.2. Members

2.2.1. 50,000,000

2.3. Types of MindMap Integration

2.3.1. MindJet

2.3.2. iMindMap Ultimate 5 3D Edition Won the serial in a contest done by one of iMindmap's very own. Watch the video by clicking the arrow that is in this dialogue box.

2.3.3. FreeMind Be a Proponante of this I wonder how good it is I remember thinking that I wonder how that will work lets try it for a week. Currently Trial Testing

2.3.4. GloBible Have you seen their Bible Program? Get it today!

3. Content

3.1. Books

3.1.1. Unmerited Favor

3.1.2. Love Dare

3.2. Interviews

3.2.1. Dr. Miles Munroe

3.3. Concepts

3.3.1. New node

3.4. Substance Abuse

3.5. Definitions

4. Contribute & Make Money

4.1. Submit Mindmaps

4.2. Share with Your Pastor

4.3. Share with Your Church & Facebook Friends

5. Benefits

5.1. Connect with the Authors

5.2. Read the Entire book in 5 Minutes or Less

5.3. Answer any questions about any subject and see how answering more questions increases your understanding

5.4. New Mindmaps Uploaded Daily

5.4.1. The Christian Version of

6. Membership

6.1. Premium Content

6.1.1. Includes Connection with Authors Downloadable Maps in Outline Format Access to Create Your Own Mindmaps Questions Asked to Authors Your Website Linked as Sponsor and Your Name under the Members List Hundreds of extra maps of best-selling Christian Books and interviews with authors, pastors, and mor. Glo Bible Integration Unlimited Viewable Mindmaps

6.1.2. Investment $5/month

6.2. Free

6.2.1. Includes Options 3 Maps Per Category 3 Nodes per Category

7. New node