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r1 contact by Mind Map: r1 contact

1. Epic 291603:2.5 Optimized Work Queue

1.1. Feature 306570:Production Release Support and Activities

1.2. Feature 295349:R1 Contact - Dev Environment Setup

1.3. Feature 300514:R1C- Framework Upgrade

1.4. Feature 291608:Enhance Agent Queue in R1Contact

1.5. Feature 291607:Enhance Reminders in R1Contact

1.6. Feature 291605:Account Declines

1.7. Feature 291606:Enhance Notes in R1Contact

2. Epic 305460:VisitPay Integrations

2.1. Feature 310869:Visitpay integration with R1C for Payments

2.2. Feature 333909:VisitPay integration for AR, BD and PC scoring

3. Epic 305473:Correcting Linked Accounts Inconsistencies

3.1. Feature 311774:Correcting Linked Accounts Inconsistencies

4. Epic 313827:2.16 - Editable Campaigns

4.1. Feature 317788:Changes to Campaigns

4.2. Feature 317777:Changes to Logic Profile

4.3. Feature 317783:Changes to Letters

5. Epic 272952:2.10 R1C Emerge Platform

5.1. Feature 293998:RevSpring-Emerge Payment Transaction Integration

5.2. Feature 293999:RevSpring-Emerge Payment Transactions via Secure Input

5.3. Feature 333892:Auto-Void functionality for Emerge (both Agent and Secure Input)

5.4. Feature 293996:RevSpring-Emerge statements in R1 Contact

5.5. Feature 293997:RevSpring-Emerge statements in R1 Access

5.6. Feature 294000:Facility-based Configuration for RevSpring-Emerge vs. RevSpring-Webview

5.7. Feature 355079:Auto-populate Emerge and WebView payment forms

6. Epic 312561:General Enhancements - 2018

6.1. Feature 308626:Reminder Enhancement

6.2. Feature 340315:Automate Payment Cancellation - Use existing JOB

6.3. Feature 312572:Enhance "My Tabs" in R1 Contact

6.4. Feature 333905:Separating Staging environment from UAT

6.5. Feature 333907:Additional automation of work queues and operational reporting

6.6. Feature 333916:UX enhancements to clean up data-duplicates

6.7. Feature 335020:Re branding R1Contact facilities per the new Ascension Facility names

7. Epic 276848:2.15 Guarantor Based Billing

7.1. Feature 276849:Upgrade CCCLTR02E to CCCLTR03E file specification

7.2. Feature 276850:Add qualified accounts to CCCLTR03E file

7.3. Feature 276956:Allow configuration of CCCLTR file

8. Epic 335824:R1Contact changes for EPIC sites

8.1. Feature 335825:PRCM - Retro load changes

9. Epic 338069:Post/Export data to outbound API vendors

9.1. Feature 338070:Post data from R1 HUB to outbound API vendors

10. Epic 355087:R1 Contact Athena Integration

10.1. Feature 355088:Athena Go-Live Authorization - R1 Changes

11. Epic 358584:VP Onboarding (2019)

11.1. Feature 358589:Create ability to configure outbound logic for AR, BD and PC scoring

11.2. Feature 358587:Create ability to configure logic to close accounts based on Charity scores