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MUSIC by Mind Map: MUSIC

1. Why because music creates a whole meaningful aspect in what a persons feeling

2. Cognitive Development: Music is related to this development because of memoring the lyrics and how the song is sounded and who orginally sang it and can tell the difference between artist and someone doing a covered song

2.1. Activity for Cognitive Development would be guessing trivia song game as they guess what song is playing. No materials needed except for an app for the game and technology board

3. Emotional Development is related to music because of how expressive music is in someones life can mentally help and self-regulate into what their feeling right now and why are they feeling or just casually knows its a positive and negative feeling. Therefore Music is very responsive towards school-age children for there some don't fully understand their emotions when they try to self-regulate.

3.1. Activity for Emotional Development would be creating there own music with the music sound and just talk about how did the music they created make them feel.

4. innovating and problem solving music is absolutely related to this if they feel conflicted in their life music is a very useful problem solving to calm and reflect their emotions in a quiet or expressive through music. Music is not only entertainment but like secret therapy.

4.1. Activity for Problem solving Development would be a game challenge where students would be reflecting a few of scenario story and ask what song should this scenario or child can listen to in order to feel better or understand what they are feeling. And explain why would that help them?

5. creativity/Arts development: plays a big development within this criteria, Music is naturally an art therefore it gives school-age children to imagine what the song is singing out and maybe end up writing or wanting to write a song as well and contribute it in the media, getting unique school-age children now would post them on youtube or have cherograohy dances or use tictok app to stimulate the music to their actions and post it online where they can express, expand and show there creative personalities within them

5.1. This activity of creativity/arts development would be creating a picture through listening a song and expressing that picture in there mind by painting or drawing or char coaling or even fingerprinting and chalk on the pavement as to see what they think and feel when they listen to the song that been playing

6. Speech/Vocal Development is also part of this topic that children can development and expand as they listen to music they would most likely would want to sing and express vocally as they engage into the music.

6.1. This activity for speech/vocal development would be finishing the artists lyrics/song (ex: "Don't worry about a thing cause-") Pause the song and the students sing the rest or guess the rest and they move up a step closer to the teacher across the room and when a person is near the teacher they automatically won the game.

7. Communication/social Development: Communication and Social development is substance towards their age group or family and peers that they have relations too talk about what type of music they listen to and how they make them feel every time they hear it and questioning what type of music do their peers listen too.

7.1. Activity for communication Development would be playing bingo but asking other people questions on what genre they like what music has been on repeat, what is your ultimate Favorite album or song you never get bored to etc. then they get to communicate and understand other peoples interests and beliefs.

8. Physical Development is more align with the movement relating to the music expressive through their bodies school-age children will most likely move to the rhythm or lyrics that given to what they are hearing with positive body mechanisms and healthy workout with a stimulation mind of how songs can contribute to their daily lifestyle.

8.1. Activity for Physical Development would be making a dance choreographer on what they are feeling, or make a gym game required with their interest of music and how it relates to the game that they chosen