Production Planning & Inventory Control

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Production Planning & Inventory Control by Mind Map: Production Planning & Inventory Control

1. Manajemen Perencanaan Produksi

1.1. Global Efficiency

1.1.1. Demand Review (PPIC)

1.1.2. Production Maximum Teoritical (Produksi)

1.1.3. Total Preventive Maintenance (MTC)

1.1.4. Matrix Change Over Produk (MTC & Production)

1.1.5. YTD Supply Review (PPIC)

1.2. Master Production Schedule

1.2.1. Monthly Demand Forecast (PPIC)

1.2.2. Monthly Supply Review (PPIC)

1.2.3. Mapping Line Utilisasi (PPIC)

2. Manajemen Pengendalian Produksi

2.1. Daily Monitoring Productivity

2.2. CTS

2.3. Daily Schedule Production

2.4. FSL Proses

2.5. Line Balancing Review

3. Manajemen Persediaan

3.1. Inventory M & SM

3.1.1. Monthly Material Requirement Planning Estimasi Budget Pembelian Material Kontrol Limit Stock

3.1.2. Kontrol Level Inventory Efektivitas Pembelian Material Level KANBAN M & SM Maximum Stock Optimum Stock Minimum Stock Level ROP JIT Implementation

3.2. Inventory Finish Goods

3.2.1. Make to Stock Production Level KANBAN FG Maximum Stock Optimum Stock Minimum Stock Level RPP

3.2.2. Make to Order Production Lead Time Proses MOQ Efektif Proses