Education Systems in Ireland (Quiz Answers)

'Education System In Ireland' Mindmap

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Education Systems in Ireland (Quiz Answers) by Mind Map: Education Systems in Ireland (Quiz Answers)

1. Education Act 1998 & Disability Act 2005

2. Education For Persons with Special Education Needs EPSEN Act (2004)

3. Department of Education and Skills

4. National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA)

5. Professional Development Service for Teachers

6. Department of Education and Skills - The Inspectorate

7. Tony Weir

8. DES - National Educational Pyschological Service

9. The Teaching Council of Ireland

10. Centre for Talented Youth Ireland, DCU


12. State Examinations Commission

13. NAPD represents Principals and Deputy Principals at post-primary level. The Association aims to provide a united voice nationally for Principals and Deputy Principals on issues of common concern.

14. School Development Planning

15. Children First – National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children

16. Physical Education Association of Ireland

17. Mr. Tony McSweeney

18. Eoghan Croghan & James Forde

19. Adelphi, New York

20. Association of Secondary Teachers of Ireland (ASTI), Teachers Union of Ireland (TUI) and Irish National Teachers Organisation (INTO)

21. Journal of Teaching Physical Education (JTPE)

22. Adventure activities, Aquatics, Athletics, Dance, Games, Gymnastics, Health Related Activities

23. 2003 (Appendix I) or Short Course

24. SPHE, PE, CSPE and Guidance

25. Examination versus non-examination

26. TPSR, Adventure Education, CIPA, Sports Education, Health Related Activity, TGFU

27. PAP 20%; PA 30% and Written 50%

28. All of previous Six excluding HRA

29. Aistear

30. Joe McHugh

31. 60 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity each day that is developmentally appropriate and involves a variety of activities

32. Employee Assistance Service (EAS)