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Family by Mind Map: Family

1. Parents/Caregiver

1.1. Relation to children

1.1.1. blood responsibility decided at birth has full control over child

1.1.2. friend chosen responsibility not much control over child

1.1.3. adoption responsibility decided after adoption process has full control over child

1.2. Sterotypes

1.2.1. gender roles mother no longer expected to just be housewife father no longer expected to let mother be primary caregiver

1.2.2. LGBTQ community not all marriages still consist of opposite gender spouses

1.3. Divorce

1.3.1. separation from kids separation anxiety can't keep track of kids behaviors as much

1.3.2. fights between spouses influence negative behaviors on children abuse

1.3.3. remarriage blended families step siblings step parents

1.3.4. kids more likely to divorce as well

2. Love

2.1. Romantic

2.1.1. spouses healthy relationships

2.2. Caring

2.2.1. spouses help when spouse is feeling down

2.2.2. kids help when kids are feeling down

2.3. Human Contact

2.3.1. increase in neurological development

2.3.2. increase in mental development

2.4. Affection

2.4.1. higher self esteem

2.4.2. improved academic perormance

2.4.3. better communication

2.4.4. fewer behavior problems

3. Finances

3.1. Food

3.1.1. energy lack of this causes loss of motivation no will to be healthy/exercise depression

3.1.2. health lack of this can cause illness reduced risk of chronic diseases

3.2. Shelter

3.2.1. protection from outside forces bugs weather criminals

3.2.2. feeling of well being

3.3. Education

3.3.1. better communication job interviews social interaction

3.3.2. develops problem solving skills

3.3.3. children are the future generation will eventually lead the country presidents governors military businesses

3.3.4. easier to get job in future