JM&A Group Performance Enhancement

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JM&A Group Performance Enhancement by Mind Map: JM&A Group Performance Enhancement

1. In Store

1.1. Team Leads

1.1.1. Technical Identify Team AOO (leverage data) Weekly Attachment Review Meeting w/CSs Group role plays Failure Shares (creates synergy) Monthly mini Metric Review Meetings TL Core Competency Exams Customer Product Presentation Overcoming Objections Walser Product Features/Benefits "Show Me" Approach w/ Active T.O.s

1.1.2. Soft Skills Managing by objectives Building Relationships Accountability vs Victim Loop Implementing Change Leveraging Tools to Drive Behaviors

1.2. CSs / AEs

1.2.1. Management Advancement Program

1.2.2. "Show Me" Approach w/ Low Performers (starts at lender approval ends at delivery)

1.2.3. (optional) Menu Week Involvement- 1/2day

2. Technology

2.1. SEcure Metrics Analytics

2.1.1. Daily Achievement Reporting

2.2. Power of 3rd Party Data

3. Off-site Monthly Team Lead Report Outs

3.1. Accountability Loop

3.2. Clear Visions / Game Plans

3.3. Implements Change

3.4. Positive Energy

3.5. Associate Development

4. Forecasting

4.1. Annual Goals

4.1.1. Per Team Lead

5. Development through Walser Core Values