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Construction by Mind Map: Construction

1. physical

1.1. Activity related to blocks and constructing enable children to develop their fine motor and gross motor skill by staking and arranging.

1.2. Things made by hand like sculptures using clay or sand support their fine motor skill.

1.3. Using scissors or blades to cut the papers or cardboard by following the pattern. This activity will be related to art work.

1.4. Bulding house with sticks and leaves. children need to use their physical energy to collect those material from trees.

1.5. Give an activity to make something from mud by digging and filling by shovels. For example, We can make a bridge by making a hole under the road layer. Also, small pool or aquarium.

2. Cognitive

2.1. Introducing big blocks to construct anything from their own creativity such as city, house, rocket and so on.

2.2. Using Loose parts for construction help children to use their imagination, creativity, problem solving, mathematical thinking.

2.3. Materials that have different flat shape materials like square, circle, triangle, etc. Which enable them to discover new shapes and designs.

2.4. Puzzle play materials support child's understanding skill, organizing ideas and talent to use knowledge by choice and evaluation.

2.5. Give them chance to do open exhibition related to maths and science. Children will be able to do innovative works and discovery.

3. Communication

3.1. Construction play activities enable children to work together with open communication by expressing their ideas and joining with friends. By introduce play activity with blocks, puzzles and so on.

3.2. Teachers can give group works project for children to make something that is related to real life discovery.

3.3. Material for play should be children's personal life based play activity. So they will have something to talk about. For example making their home environment.

3.4. Give children an interesting topic that motivate them to explore and get maximum information from different sources. Also, will be confident and excited to share.

3.5. Introducing presentation work helps children to explain their ideas and creative work and asking questions to know their knowledge level.

4. Sensory

4.1. Encouraging children to play outside using sand, clay and natural materials. Which teaches them to make sculpture, statue.

4.2. Introding nature table in the class room motivate children to collect materials according to the season.

4.3. Make a theme of snow man village and provide materials like, cottons, sticks, paper cuttings, sheets, colors and so on that helps them to make some thing creative (theme based activity).

4.4. Using loose parts with different sensory materials to make something creative .

4.5. Give opportunity to use mortar and pestles in the classroom. First by collecting the materials then smash it and make it dry. Finally, let them make and utilize it productively like doing patterns, using for cooking, etc.

5. Art

5.1. Teach them to use carpenter tools in a safe environment to practise and do creative work on woods.

5.2. For constructing a building, children can draw the design by making a model using colors, papers and cardboard (as an architecture).

5.3. Collection of the used materials and using it for decoration, designs, and make it productive. For example, transformation of table into a tiny house.

5.4. Introduce hanging art activity with the material like beads, feathers, bangles, lights, and so on.

5.5. Using papers for construction. It will be challenging for them to make something tall, however they can make creative works by bending, rolling, tearing and folding.