The 12 Trials of Freetoles

The Trials of Freetoles

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The 12 Trials of Freetoles by Mind Map: The 12 Trials of Freetoles

1. 5. Relationship

2. 1. Budget

2.1. Welcome to money!

2.2. One of my greatest techniques. Is to utilize the pro tools of many things - for FREE. How?

2.2.1. FREE Checking accounts online. With lastpass I quickly created 10 new ones, got mailed the cards, put $2 on each, and then had cards to use on "FREE TRIALS" without having to worry about them charing me $80 if I forgot to cancel. All that happens is it fails to charge me, and I move on to the next 100 websites just like that product.

3. 2. Authority

4. 3. Need

5. 4. Timeframe

5.1. Time begins on our journey. And it's all about time. Time is life, time is money, and time is valuable.

5.1.1. So get LastPass LOLLLL That was funny hahah, Here you go click that arrow ~

6. 5. Relationship

7. 5. Relationship

8. WELCOME TO THE 12 TRIALS OF FREETOLES! (Like Hercules). In order to move forward on, press the little white circles, like the one to the left

8.1. We're gonna go around to the left, then counter clockwise. Let's begin.

8.1.1. First thing we have is that clock below.

8.2. Remember - White Dots to move forward!