Psyched Up - Daniel McGinn (Book Summary)

„Psyched up“ by Daniel McGinner is a book that explains the science of mental preparation which can help you succeed by handling performance anxiety, creating rituals and beliefs and using your autopilot. Learn more about it in this summarized mind map.

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Psyched Up - Daniel McGinn (Book Summary) by Mind Map: Psyched Up - Daniel McGinn (Book Summary)


1.1. Title

1.1.1. Psyched Up

1.1.2. How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed

1.2. Published

1.2.1. Portfolio

1.2.2. June 2017

1.3. Author

1.3.1. Daniel McGinn DANIEL MCGINN is an editor at Harvard Business Review. His writing has appeared in Wired, Inc., the Boston Globe Magazine, and Newsweek. He lives in suburban Boston with his family. Website

1.3.2. @danmcginn

1.4. Which Questions Does The Book Answer?

1.4.1. How to get psyched for your next performance

1.4.2. What science says about motivation

1.4.3. How to dispel pre-performance anxiety

1.5. Get it on Amazon

2. 142 HBR'S Dan McGinn Gets Psyched Up - Legends & Losers Podcast

3. How To Create A Killer Pre-Performance Routine [Interview with Daniel McGinn]


4.1. Also called

4.1.1. Anticipatory anxiousness

4.1.2. Fight or flight response

4.2. = Physiological reaction to stress

4.2.1. When we feel threatened, our body produces adrenaline

4.2.2. This hormone causes Increase in blood pressure Increase in heart and respiratory rates

4.3. How to alleviate anxiety

4.3.1. Reappraise it Alchemize anxiety into excitement by stating out loud that you are excited before your performance Why it works Going from anxious to calm is too hard Going from anxious to excited isn't that difficult, those states are quite similar Excited people perform better than nervous or anxious ones

4.3.2. Center yourself Breath deeply and concentrate on your breath. Release the tension in your muscles Imagine that all your energy is focused in your body's center (the point below your belly button) Once all the energy is centered, release it This technique brings you calm and focus


5.1. Having a pre-performance ritual can drastically improve your performance

5.1.1. Consistency is key!

5.1.2. Group rituals are even more effective

5.2. Beliefs, too, can have a great effect on performance

5.2.1. "Positive Contagion" = The idea that objects can be imbued with the powers of the people who touch them In a study, golfers who believed they were holding clubs that once belonged to famous golfers performed much better than those who thought they were holding regular clubs


6.1. The human brain has two separate systems

6.1.1. System 1: The fast one = autopilot

6.1.2. System 2: The slow one = requires concentration

6.2. System 1 can help you stay cool under pressure

6.2.1. How to use this to your advantage When giving a presentation, start with an intro that you've learned by heart and can do on autopilot You'll have a cool, calm start, and by the time you have to switch into focus mode, you'll know that your audience is already engaged and sympathetic


7.1. Focus on input, not output

7.1.1. Focus on the effort that people should put into the project/presentation/game, not the result (the win)

7.1.2. This puts people in a growth mindset A state of mind that lets them perform well over time and even improve

7.2. Use descriptive, concrete information when your team/group is in a new situation that they haven't dealt with before

7.3. Use emotional, fiery language when your group/team is the underdog or about to head into something huge and important, such as a championship game


8.1. Music can improve your physical performance by getting you psyched up

8.1.1. Increase heartbeat

8.1.2. Tense muscles

8.1.3. Lower anxiety

8.2. Example: Eye of the Tiger

8.2.1. Has the right rhythm and musicality

8.2.2. It both energizes and calms

8.3. Tip

8.3.1. When working out, split your regimen into separate periods and choose a different, fitting playlist for each