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Zeus by Mind Map: Zeus
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Son of Cronus King of the gods. God of the sky and thunder. Defeated Cronus and set his brothers and sisters free. Fathered most of the Olympians.  


Brother of Zeus  God of the dead Helped Zeus to defeat the Titans  No interaction really mentioned with other gods besides the rape of Persephone


Son of Zeus.  He is the god of thieves and liars. Helped Perseus destroy Medusa. Father of Pandrosus, Penelope, and Persephone   


Brother of Zeus  He is the god of sea and earthquakes  One of the children of Cronus that was eaten and saved by Zeus  He is father of Orion and Pegasus 


Is a predecessor of Zeus  Goddess of love and beauty Was born adult from the sea  Married to Hephastus 


Daughter of Zeus Was born fully armed from the forehead of her father Zeus. Goddess of heros and wisdom Was usually accompanied with and owl and nike and gave her shield to Perseus Was a virgin had no children