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BuyerTours System by Mind Map: BuyerTours System

1. Mindset

1.1. You are the Community Ambassador

1.1.1. You get paid when people buy or sell real estate

1.2. This is an Entire System

1.2.1. You need to own your Consumer's eXperience from the First Click till they Close

1.2.2. Insist on Providing Great Content

1.2.3. Golden Rule Provide the Consumer eXperience you would want.

2. Geography

2.1. 20 Minutes from Home

2.1.1. This is Where you will Specialize

2.1.2. Each City

2.1.3. Each Sub-Community

2.1.4. Each Sub-Division

3. Websites

3.1. Website or Sites for the Major Communities

3.2. Develop Your Site as if You were the Local Chamber of Commerce or City

3.3. Wordpress City Based Theme

4. Lead Conversion

4.1. Inbound Phone

4.1.1. Highest Value Lead If they are calling you they are highly motivated Relocation Package Do a BuyerTour on the Property they are Requesting Info on Follow-up on BuyerTour Put together a custom search based on what they are describing to you. - Drip from MLS BuyerTour Follow-up Action Plan and Campaign

4.2. Schedule a Showing

4.2.1. BuyerTour Follow-up and Schedule Showing

4.3. Request More Information on A Property

4.3.1. BuyerTour Follow-up

4.4. Website Registration

4.5. In Person

4.5.1. Will happen more and more as a first contact if you have really positioned yourself as a community ambassador

4.5.2. Commit to Spending 1/2 a day with anyone as part of a first meeting. Show them a few neighborhoods and homes Build initial rapport so when they are serious you are the one they use.

5. BuyerTour Initial Follow-up

5.1. Request more information on a particular property

5.2. Email 1

5.2.1. Thank you "First Name" for requesting information on 123 Main Street. I haven't personally seen this home in person however I have taken the liberty of contacting the seller and I'm going to spin over a bit later today to take some additional photos which I will send to you and then after that I will give you a call. In the interim here is the most complete MLS info on the home. Also please feel free to call me direct at

5.3. Take The BuyerTour

5.3.1. 30 - 40 photos with your iPhone or Smartphone.

5.3.2. Build an album

5.3.3. Get a link from the Album

5.4. Email 2

5.4.1. Hi "First Name", As promised I was able to make it out to 123 Main Street. Below please find a link to the additional photos. There are a couple of items that didn't show up well on the photos that I'll describe when I give you a call in about 45 minutes. In the interim please feel free to call me direct @

5.5. Phone Call (Assuming phone number included)

5.5.1. As I mentioned I would give you a call. Have you had a chance to review the photos I sent you earlier? Many times the client doesn't know you have done anything yet. Once they find out they will likely drop anyone else they have chatted with and work with you exclusively.

5.5.2. BTW: How well do you know the area?

5.5.3. Many of my clients, even some who have lived here in the past have benefited from an updated Relocation Package on the area which includes some additional information on schools, employment, neighborhoods and... I'd love to send that to you if you think that would be useful... What address should I send it to?

5.5.4. Where do you currently live?

5.5.5. What type of home do you have now?

5.5.6. What do you like about your current home?

5.5.7. What would you change?

5.5.8. Let's walk through a few of the photos and I'll try to describe what I found there with some of that context.

5.5.9. If you see a home that you really want more info on before you get to town please let me know and I'll run out and do a similar BuyerTour for you.

5.5.10. What time frame are you thinking you might want to do something? Whatever they tell you divide this in 1/2. Buyers once they commit to the buying process want to get it done faster than their goals.

5.6. Do 1 - 2 additional BuyerTours based on what they are looking at fairly quickly (under 3 days).

5.6.1. Establishes you as hungry and willing to work to help them find a home.

5.7. Set Follow-up Action Plan

6. Type of IDX

6.1. Open IDX

6.1.1. Why Open IDX? Consumers will Self Sort Request for Information Prominent Phone Number

6.2. Relocation Package Request

6.2.1. Physical is Memorable

6.2.2. Get a branded folder complete with some locally created materials or anything that can "sell the community". Chamber, Visitors Center Info. If there is something that sets your market apart and you can inexpensively include then do.

7. Google + Good Open IDX vs Zillow

7.1. Zillow generates too much traffic. There is serious traffic on Zillow. Unfortunately most of the traffic is from tire kickers vs serious buyers

7.1.1. Most Tire Kickers use Zillow and to a lesser extent

7.2. Serious Buyers use multiple websites during the search process including doing local searches on Google for City followed by the term Real Estate and Homes for Sales.

7.2.1. Consumers will visit as many as 9 different websites when actively search for homes Most of those additional sites will comes from a Google Search.

7.2.2. This is a higher ROI Stage than when they are tire kicking on Zillow.

8. Driving Traffic

8.1. PPC


8.1.2. PPC Strategies Maximize Number of Clicks Manual Bidding vs Automatic Bidding Run Lots of Different Ads until you start to get good ROI on your Ads. Test, Test, Test and then scale Typical Ad

8.2. Longer Term Organic

8.2.1. Because of the Highly Focused Content and Domain Strategy you should get

8.3. ROI of PPC vs Content

8.3.1. PPC Immediate Gratification Often Generate Leads within hours of beginning a PPC Campaign Become a Master of Google Adwords

8.3.2. Content Creates Social Proof that You are In Fact a Local eXpert Sticky, Relevant Content will rank Organically on Google Locals will start to refer people to your content, link to your content, socially share your content etc... You can Socially Share Your Content

9. Early Division of Labor

9.1. 70% Content Creation and Driving Traffic

9.2. 30% Lead Follow-up and Conversion Strategies