How do I make money challenging norms and pursuing social justice?

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How do I make money challenging norms and pursuing social justice? by Mind Map: How do I make money challenging norms and pursuing social justice?

1. through urban planning

1.1. Possibility of much higher income.

1.2. Ability to influence city-wide decision-making.

1.3. Higher chance of staying in a big city.

1.4. You may not get into a master's program.

1.5. Full-time schooling will be required.

1.6. You may waste your comms skills.

1.7. May take several years to successfully transition

1.8. Not too easy to get a gov't job.

1.9. You may not like the job.

2. through full-time communications work

2.1. gov't jobs

2.1.1. Better pay.

2.1.2. Stability.

2.1.3. Opportunities in social services.

2.1.4. Unionized.

2.1.5. The political aide experience may be helpful.

2.1.6. It may be tricky to challenge norms!

2.1.7. Very competitive.

2.2. higher ed jobs

2.2.1. Normally stable.

2.2.2. Normally unionized.

2.2.3. They don't care if you challenge norms.

2.2.4. Very competitive.

2.3. non-profit work

2.3.1. I can easily get a job.

2.3.2. It's meaningful work.

2.3.3. May not be unionized.

2.3.4. Jobs won't necessarily pay well.

2.3.5. Big cities are expensive.

2.4. ...and a possible pursuit of a comms masters

2.4.1. You may be qualified for this.

2.4.2. Potentially boosts your education and credibility.

2.4.3. Can possibly do p/t schooling and f/t work.

2.4.4. Comms work is enjoyable.

2.4.5. It might be hard to find good-paying comms jobs.

3. by volunteering to create dialogue

3.1. doesn't make money

3.2. You may be in the spotlight at times

3.3. Uses enjoyable skills

3.4. connect people together for meaningful experiences

3.5. blog / tv

3.6. through organizing events

4. by staying in politics

4.1. keep current p/t job

4.1.1. Take up an outside p/t role Get experience in a possible new career. Build a professional network in a new area. Might not have time to look for a f/t job later.

4.1.2. Take up unpaid work in a possible new career Get experience. Build a network in a new career. Find out if the work is enjoyable. You're not getting paid.

4.1.3. Do research: explore career options Find out what options are available Be better informed for your next steps. Expand your network. You're not getting paid.

4.2. apply for a caucus comms job

4.2.1. political

4.2.2. need to wait for a job posting

4.2.3. clearly a political role

4.2.4. shows commitment

4.2.5. focus on communications

4.2.6. Full-time work means feeling valued.