Should Schools Embrace "Bring Your Own Device"?

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Should Schools Embrace "Bring Your Own Device"? by Mind Map: Should Schools Embrace "Bring Your Own Device"?

1. Training teachers how to use and incorporate BYOD.

1.1. Teachers who have knowledge on certain devices and apps can do little workshops for the other teachers.

2. My Comments

2.1. I love how this article says that "There's never an excuse to be idle." It is true, that sometimes during the school day, as a teacher I am working one on one students who need me when the higher level students are being idle. The BYOD idea would be a good incorporation to the education system because so many things would be available for those students to continue to learn, instead of just 'idling'.

3. Money

3.1. Having teachers in the school teach other teachers how to use certain apps, websites, and devices they are familiar with would be a money saver for training.

3.2. Some schools are on budget cuts and can't afford to bring in new devices for the students. Those students who could bring in their devices for use in school would also be of great help.

4. Hazards

4.1. Students could get bullied for not having the "cool" devices.

4.2. Cyber bulling

4.3. Social Media