"Third of May, 1808" Francisco Goya

Created for a art history course.

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"Third of May, 1808" Francisco Goya by Mind Map: "Third of May, 1808" Francisco Goya

1. Created in 1814

2. French Occupation of Spain.

2.1. Napolean's Brother to be king.

3. Elements

3.1. Dark colors

3.1.1. Large scale Oil Painting Sketchy brushwork= immediacy of a particular moment

4. Who?

4.1. Focus on male in white. Trapped against hillside. Arms outstretched evoking religious iconography. Symbolism

5. Why?

5.1. Not created for a patron. Artist's personal take on a historic event.

5.1.1. Faces seen = empathy Soldiers back seen = inhuman