Managing the classroom

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Managing the classroom by Mind Map: Managing the classroom

1. The way we move and stand

2. Classroom management

2.1. Organize classroom time

2.2. The way we talk to students

2.3. Classroom space is organized

3. The teacher in the classroom

3.1. Classroom environment

3.2. To respond to what happens in class

4. Proximity

4.1. Some students are uncomfortable

4.2. Distance is a sign of coldness

4.3. Modify their behavior

5. Appropriacy

5.1. Create an extremely friendly atmosphere

5.2. They work with students in pairs

5.3. Positions teachers

6. Movement

6.1. At the front of the class

6.2. Walking from side to side

6.3. Striding up and down the aisles between the chairs

7. Awareness

7.1. How they are feeling

7.2. Students to be cold and aloof

7.3. The teacher's primary responsable

8. Using the voice

8.1. The most important instrument

8.2. The voice sounds like have a crucial impact on the classes

8.3. Use of the voice in the management of teaching

9. Audibility

9.1. Teachers need to be audible

9.2. Students at the back of the class can hear

9.3. Audibility cannot be divorced from voice quality

10. Variety

10.1. Vary the quality of their voices

10.2. Volumen they speak

10.3. According to the type of lesson

11. Talking to students

11.1. Teachers to empathize with the people

11.2. Their vocabulary is generally more restricted

11.3. What is being understood and what is not

12. Giving instructions

12.1. What it is they are supposed to do

12.2. They must be kept as simple as possible

12.3. They must be logical

13. What information do they need first? Which should come next?

13.1. Check that the students have understood

13.2. Asking student to explain the activity

13.3. Getting someone to show the other people

14. Student talk and teacher talk

14.1. Students to practice their own speaking

14.2. If a teacher talks and talks, the students will have less time for other things