Tuberculosis Drugs Prototype: Rifampin

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Tuberculosis Drugs Prototype: Rifampin by Mind Map: Tuberculosis Drugs Prototype: Rifampin

1. Maximizing Therapeutic Efffects: -Do not use alone because resistance develops rapidly. -Direct Observational Therapy

2. Pathophys: -TB is a mycobaterial bacterial infection usually found in the lungs -TB is spead via airborne particles called droplet nuclei

3. Pharmacokinetics: -Administered PO or parenterally. -Well absorbed by GI, unless with food -Widely distributed throughout the body -Enters CSF at 10 to 20% of plasma concentration -Metabolized by liver as active metabolite -Excreted through biliary elimination in feces

4. Pharamacotherapeutics: -Used for treating leprosy, meningococcal infectious disease, MAC infection, and first line in treating TB

5. Precautions and Contraindications: -Avoid pts with hypeprsensitivity to rifamycin and rifabutin -Parenteral rifampin should not be administered to pts with sulfite hypersensitivity -Pts with hepatic dysfunction

6. -Associations with serious or potentially fatal anaphylactic reactions -Pts with known alcoholism

7. Adverse Effects: -Hepatic injury -discoloration of body fluids- urine, saliva, tears, and speutum -GI disturbances -High dose=flu-like syndrome

7.1. -Monitor CBC -Monitor PFTs -Monitor LFTs

8. Drug Interactions: -Potent P450 inducer -May result reduced concentration of other drugs -When drugs are given concurrently, dosage may need to be increased