What needs to be investigated?

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What needs to be investigated? by Mind Map: What needs to be investigated?

1. How increased caffeine intake affects vocal quality in young children?

1.1. Increased soda intake can result in dehydration which negatively affects the vocal folds

2. What is hypothyroidism and its impact on voice quality?

2.1. Some asthma medications cause vocal symptoms

3. How does physical activity in adolescence affects breathing patterns in children with asthma?

3.1. Asthma may cause difficulty breathing while exercising

4. How do sleep and horizontal rest at night affect breathing and voice? Possible causes of difficulty?

5. How does dehydration affect vocal quality?

6. What causes a need to clear your throat?

6.1. Frequent throat clearing and coughing result in lower vocal quality.

7. What causes occasional hoarseness?

7.1. Hoarseness is a combination of breathiness and roughness.

8. Why does the use of an inhaler minimally improve asthma symptoms? Possible causes?

9. How does aging impact the vocal quality of young women going through puberty?