Focus on the Doctrine- Mission Prep

Book of Mormon Doctrine Mind Map

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Focus on the Doctrine- Mission Prep by Mind Map: Focus on the Doctrine- Mission Prep

1. Why is the Book of Mormon important?

1.1. Missionary Work

1.2. Keystone of Our Religion

1.3. Most important tool for us to use.

2. How Can I effectively share the Book?

2.1. Show how the book of mormon fulfills prophecies of the Bible.

2.2. Let the Book of Mormon authors bear their own testimonies of the book.

2.3. Consider the “evidences” for the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon

3. How to handle objections?

3.1. Understand the Objection

3.2. Give the answer from revelation

3.3. Show how the correctness of the answer depends on modern revelation

3.4. Explain how whether or not we have modern prophets depends on whether the Book of Mormon is true.