LCS Layout

This flowchart is meant to give you a birds eye overview of the LCS System

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LCS Layout by Mind Map: LCS Layout

1. Green Check Mark

1.1. Where I create and manage my own employees and staff

1.1.1. Add Users Only see what is assigned to them

1.1.2. Add Super User Can see everything in your account that you give personnsions for

1.1.3. Branding/Domain URL my employees and staff use to login and manage the things I've assigned to them.

2. Blue Check Mark

2.1. All things Bizcard related

2.1.1. Biz Card Setup

2.1.2. Default Message

2.1.3. Biz Card Branding/Domain Our Bizcard URL Free User Signup URL Free User Sign up URL

2.1.4. Biz Card Users (Free)

2.1.5. Biz Card Signup Page and Setup Link

3. Basic Domain

3.1. Appointment Links

3.2. Survey Links

3.3. Page Builder Links

4. Red Check Mark

4.1. Users

4.1.1. Users 1 single user with features

4.1.2. Companies An enterprise that can add multiple employees with features

4.1.3. Branding/Domain URL my CLIENTS will use to login to their accounts

5. My Account Options

5.1. My Surveys

5.2. My Appointments

5.3. My Linked Campaigns

5.4. Tags

5.5. Pipeline

5.6. My Leads

5.7. Campaign Builder

5.8. Page Builder

5.9. Profile Image

5.10. Settings

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