The Road to Success!

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The Road to Success! by Mind Map: The Road to Success!

1. Assessment is used to help guide instruction. You can learn how each of your students learn. Make adaptations to your lessons to assist students in mastering the skills.

2. Formative Assessment is done before and during each lesson. Some example of this type of assessment are discussions, classwork, observations, classwork and more.

3. Grading Assignments is part of assessing what your students have learned. Not every school has the same grading policy. The no zero policy can assist students in not feeling as though they cannot crawl out of a deep hole when getting a zero. Grades are important when assessing a students knowledge though.

4. High Stakes Standardized Testing is part of learning if students have mastered the necessary skills and information to go to the next grade. These tests can cause anxiety and most of the time do not determine if the student actually understands the material because if his/her anxiety.

5. The statistics used throughout this process are known as data. The data is used to determine how your students are learning. We use mean, median and mode to determine different information about what the information tells us about how the students are mastering skills.

6. Summative Assessment is done at the end of a lesson. Examples of this type of assessment are tests, presentations and more. These assessments sometimes cause anxiety as it is important because it test whether or not you have mastered the skills to move on to the next lesson.