Three waters networks in a crisis of communication

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Three waters networks in a crisis of communication by Mind Map: Three waters networks in a crisis of communication

1. Background Knowledge

1.1. The government put a lot of invest money on taking care of water resources.

1.2. Reduce the amount of wastewater was one of a jobs that government have to do.

1.3. ‘Plastic Bottle’ is a waste thing to make.

2. Keywords

2.1. Paragraph 1: Key words: Long-term underinvestment

2.2. Paragraph 2: Key words: Storm

2.3. Paragraph 3: Key words: Central government

2.4. Paragraph 4:Key words: estimate

2.5. Paragraph 5:Key words: The National Policy Statement

2.6. Paragraph 6: Key words: rates

2.7. Paragraph 7:Key words: invest

2.8. Paragraph 8 :Key words: industry of water providers

2.9. Paragraph 9 :Key words:environmental

3. Synthesis

3.1. Why is the government need to invest in water infrastructure?

3.1.1. Because the government don’t want their water in the country

3.2. How much is the central government have to pay for an upgrade their water systems?

3.2.1. Because a recent the price tag of meeting the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management’s between $1.4 and $2.3 billion.

3.3. Why can’t we make some of those behavior in the passage changes permanent?

3.3.1. We think that it depends on people, if the people changes, it would reduce the waste.

4. Learning

4.1. Know how to solve the problem of polluted water.

4.2. Learn to reduce water pollution.

4.3. Able to effectively deal with problems.

5. Opinion

5.1. We think we can evolve and solve problems that affect the environment. You’re about to ignore anything about the matter.

6. Vocabulary

6.1. environment

6.2. replacement

6.3. local government

6.4. communication

6.5. watercare

6.6. underinvestment

6.7. estimate

6.8. invest

6.9. pollution

6.10. resilience