The online teaching survival guide

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The online teaching survival guide by Mind Map: The online teaching survival guide

1. foundation theories, principles, and practices.

1.1. Social learning, constructivism, cognitive

1.2. 10 core principles guile teachers in the design, creation, and teaching

1.3. 14 best teaching and learning practices for online and blended environment

2. technology tools to support teaching and learning

2.1. Guideline for choosing and using technology tools

2.2. Basic set of technology tools and their specific pedagogical uses

3. Tips for four phrases of a course

3.1. 17 tips for course beginnings

3.2. 16 Tips for the early middle phrase

3.3. 15 Tips for the late middle phrase

3.4. 9 tips for closing weeks

4. Tips for intensive courses

5. advice from online instructors