European Nations Settle North America

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European Nations Settle North America by Mind Map: European Nations Settle North America

1. England battles France

1.1. the french and indian war starts over wanting to expand more land between france and england. british wins.

2. French sailed west in hopes to find East Indies. They found what is today New York Harbor and also Quebec which was their base for colonial empire.

2.1. Explorers Establish New France

3. The English Arrive in North America

3.1. Settlement of Jamestown

3.1.1. in 1607 100 european settlers landed on the coast of Virginia. they settled the area and calledit Jamestown

3.2. Puritans create a "New England"

3.2.1. in 1620 a group of pilgrims founded a colony in Pymouth, Massachussetts. they were dsriven out of England because they were puritans and sought freedomfrom Englands Angelican Church

4. Competing Claims in North America

4.1. Trading Empire

4.1.1. Had no desire to build towns or raise families. They were catholic priests who convert with Native Americans. Main economic trade was for fur trade.

4.2. Explorers Establish new france

4.2.1. Verrazzano sails west to find the indies. he tryed to find a sea route to the pacific. he did not find what he wanted to but discovered New York harbor.

5. The struggle for North America

5.1. the english oust the dutch

5.1.1. New Netherlands seperate Northern and Souther colonies.

5.1.2. the duke of york claims New York.

6. Native Americans Respond

6.1. A Strained Relationship

6.1.1. thousands of native americans died from diseaseases brought by the Europeans

6.2. Settlers in NativeAmerican Battles

6.2.1. metacacome or king phillips led attack on colonial victiims