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1. 3. Two methods to prevent mechanical injury: -lockout/tagout procedures set out by the employer ensure equipment is properly turned off, released, locked in a room and tagged to prevent electrical, thermal, chemical, or mechanical injury during maintenance, repair, or installation. -Safeguarding/guarding is another method to prevent mechanical injury and is done by putting a physical barrier over blades or potentially hazardous portions of a machine. 4.Companies must recognize the high risk associated with mechanical injury and perform the following: follow the guidelines set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, train employees thoroughly on guidelines from the Act, and ensure equipment is properly maintained and repaired.

2. 1. Mechanical hazards are a very common workplace injury. Mechanical injuries can occur from using equipment inappropriately, from not wearing personal protective equipment, inefficient training, or from not properly guarding and/or lockout/ tag out of equipment.

3. 2. One specific common mechanical hazard in Ontario is getting caught in or squeezed in a piece of equipment. This often is the result of improper safeguarding of machinery, or improper use of PPE.