Project Timeline

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Project Timeline by Mind Map: Project Timeline

1. Product Creation

1.1. Harlan Creates Project and Tells The Team

1.2. Harlan contacts Janet and assigns project

1.3. Janet completes project and submits it to Harlan and Sara

1.4. Sara proof reads and forwards it to Morgan

2. Product Design

2.1. Harlan assigns project to Morgan

2.2. Morgan completes project and uploads it to dropbox

2.3. Harlan checks project and approves

2.4. Harlan uploads to Amazon S3 and gets links to Sandra, CS, and Paul

3. Sales Copy

3.1. Miguel Creates the Copy and submits it to Harlan

3.2. Harlan critiques copy for revision

3.3. Miguel uploads final version to Google Docs and gives it to Ryan

3.4. Miguel creates audio script

3.5. Harlan records audio script

3.6. Miguel creates video

3.7. Miguel uploads video to Wistia

4. Website Design

4.1. Paul Creates Sales Page, TY page,

4.2. Miguel Creates Thank You Email

4.3. Ryan takes the copy from Google Docs and Creates design

5. Sales and Fulfillment

5.1. Paul Creates Product in Thrive Cart

5.2. Paul Creates Pricing

5.3. Product in Sandbox Mode

5.4. Paul Creates Tags in Active Campaign

5.5. Paul determines shipping costs

5.6. Paul determines if we need new coding

5.7. If there is a bump offer or upsell this is set up

5.8. Paul Creates Checkout Embedded ONLY

5.9. Harlan determines if we need Facebook pixel

5.10. Paul determines that Wicked Reports can track

5.11. Behavioral rules for Active Campaign

5.12. Sara Creates A Test Purchase

6. Tips: