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Fathom Social Media Design by Mind Map: Fathom Social Media Design
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Fathom Social Media Design

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


Timeline Cover

Size, 851x315px

Best Practices, New node, New node, New node, New node, New node

Awesome timeline covers,,

Profile Picture

Size, 180 x 175px

Northsocial: Fangate

Size, 810 x 610px

Clear CTA: use arrows and like buttons

New node

New node

Northsocial: Header

Size, 810 x 210px

Custom Apps

Sizes, Max Width 810px, Above Fold Height 610px, App Logo, 75 x 75 px, App Icon, 16 x 16 px, About the App, 140 characters, Invite Friends Message, 232 characters

Tab photo

Design Specs:


Cover photo

Design Specs:

Profile photo

Design Specs:

Thumbnail photo

Design Specs:


Profile Pic

128 x 128px

14 Tips for A Great Twitter Profile Picture:


Design Specs:

4 Ways to optimize your twitter background: