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Cookie Swap by Mind Map: Cookie Swap

1. Home Page

2. Top Swaps

2.1. The cookies that are being swapped (shared) the most

3. Top Rated

3.1. The top rated recipes

4. Feed Me Feed

4.1. A feed of all the images of the cookies being swapped

4.1.1. Recipe and comments on the cookie; rate the cookie

5. Cookie Swap App Cookie Swap will be an iOS app that allows users to share and browse photos and recipes of cookies. It will be based on the concept of “cookie swaps” which occur around the holiday season at which batches of cookies are baked and dispersed. This virtual swap will allow users to show off their creations and get new ideas for others. To allow this to be possible, there are a few components involved. There will be a “Home” page, where the user is presented with their options. There will also be a “Feed Me” page, which will be a feed of the cookies being swapped (much like a twitter or tumblr timeline). When the user sees a cookie on the “Feed Me” feed, they will be able to tap on it. This action will bring them to a recipe page that will include the original recipe as well as comments on the cookie from other users. On this page, there will also be an option for the user to “Rate” the recipe or “Swap” it with their friends.