The Computer = The Brain

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The Computer = The Brain by Mind Map: The Computer = The Brain

1. Input Devices

1.1. Input devices are used to enter data into a computer. This can be through a simple data or file transfer from a flash drive or a phone.

2. Examples of Input Devices

2.1. Keyboard

2.2. Mouse

2.3. Flash Drive

2.3.1. Teachers and students can make files mobile by using flash drives.

2.3.2. Can students be relied upon to keep up with the small input device and can schools afford flash drives with enough storage space to last a school year?

2.4. USB Cable

2.4.1. Used to connect a camera, iPod, iPad, or smart phone.

2.4.2. USB cables allow flexibility for teachers to input data from various devices. With some electronic devices being restricted in schools, this option may not suffice even though it is necessary.

2.5. Modem

2.5.1. Allows connection to the internet

2.5.2. Students can perform research and online assignment through the use of the internet.

2.6. DVD

3. Output Devices

3.1. Output devices move information out of the computer once it has been processed.

4. Examples of Output Devices

4.1. Printer

4.1.1. Wireless printers allow many computers to print to one printer.

4.1.2. Students can transfer completed work onto paper for presentation or analysis.

4.2. Monitor

4.3. Projector