JUSTICE FOR HUDA A Woman's Journey through the Justice System in Jordan

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JUSTICE FOR HUDA A Woman's Journey through the Justice System in Jordan by Mind Map: JUSTICE FOR HUDA A  Woman's Journey through the  Justice System in Jordan

1. Huda's marriage was long and difficult. After many years of abuse and manipulation from her husband, she decided that enough was enough, and to get a divorce. Little does she know, the journey has just begun.. Picture of Huda nd her two children (small boy and girl) walking away from a small jordanian house, with luggage in tow. Huda looks slightly worried. Rough picture: leaving

1.1. Picture of a Lawyer sitting behind a desk, saying "I 'm sorry - I know it's a lot, but my fee is 800 dinars. These are the regular lawyer fees." Text underneath: Huda doesn't have 800 dinars. She could take a loan from her cousin, but she has no idea how she'd ever pay it back. Rough Sketch: lawyer 1 Buttons: Borrow the money to hire the lawyer Represent yourself

1.1.1. represent yourself Picture of lawyer looking disappointed, saying "Ok, I understand. I wish I could help you. It isn't an easy path that you have chosen, but I respect your decision. I wish you good luck. Rough sketch: dissapointed lawyer Button: OK Huda arrives at the court to register her case, but there are no signs, no information desk, and nobody seems to know where she should go. She has to get to one of these windows to get some help... which one should she choose? Buttons Window 1 Window 2 Window 3 Rough sketch: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1Obor__VptjLDZTXSagKK_3ESDilAXEU0kdZ0c6nMjcE/edit?usp=sharing

1.1.2. Hire the lawyer Picture of lawyer looking pleased, saying "That's fantastic! I think you've made the right decision. I won't disappoint you!" Rough sketch: happy lawyer Button: OK The next day, Huda receives a call from her lawyer. Picture of Huda on the phone at home, split with lawyer on the phone at his office. Inspiration: https://cdn2.vectorstock.com/i/1000x1000/54/01/people-talk-on-the-phone-comic-book-vector-8745401.jpg Lawyer saying "Huda, you have been assigned a court date! We will see you in three weeks." Button: OK