My Life in a Nutshell

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My Life in a Nutshell by Mind Map: My Life in a Nutshell

1. My Family

1.1. Donald (Dad)

1.2. Shirley (Mom)

1.3. Sarah (Sister)

1.3.1. Tyson (Boyfriend)

1.3.2. Ellie (Dog)

1.4. Gyp (Dog)

1.5. Zoe (Me)

1.5.1. Quinton (Boyfriend)

2. My Education

2.1. Minot State University

2.1.1. Bachelor in Communication Disorders (working to complete)

2.2. Unity Composite High School

2.2.1. Grade 12

3. My Extracurricular Activites

3.1. Flying Airplanes and Gliders

3.2. Curling

3.3. Drama

4. My Jobs

4.1. Math Tutor at MSU

4.2. Agriculture Canada Summer Student at Scott Research Farm