Managing the classroom

managing the classroom.

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Managing the classroom by Mind Map: Managing the classroom

1. Classroom management.

1.1. We have to be able to handle a range of variables.

1.2. These includes how the classroom space is organized, whether the students are working on their own or in groups and how We organize classroom time

1.2.1. Using the voice Our most important instrument as a teacher ir our voice. How we speak and what our voice sounds like have a crucial impact or classes.

2. the teacher in the classroom.

2.1. Our physical presence can play a largue part in our management of the classroom enviroment.

2.1.1. Audibility. Teachers need to be audible. Student talk and teacher talk.

3. proximity.

3.1. Trachers need to consider how close they should be to the students they are working with

3.1.1. Variety it is important to teachers to vary the quiality of their voices. And the volume o they speak at according to the type of lesson.

3.1.2. Variety.

4. Appopriacy

4.1. Is the general way in which teacher sit or stand in classroom.

4.1.1. Conservation. teachers have to take great care of their voices: -it is important that they breathe correctly so that they don't strain their larynxes. - teachers should vary their voices throughout the day. -avoiding shouting wherever possible.

5. Movement

5.1. Some teachers tend to spend most of their class time in one place

5.1.1. Most successfull teachers move around the classroom to some extent. Talking to students. because teachers are constantly aware of the effects that their words are having, they are able to adjust language use when their listeners shows signs of incomprehension. - teachers need to be aware of three things: firstly, they should consider the kind of language that students likely to understand. Secondly, they need to think about what they wish to say to the students . Thirdly, they need to consider the manner in which they will speak. Expirenced teachers rough tune the way they speak to students as a matter of course, newer teachers need to pay attention to their students comprehension. Teachers also need to use physical movements and gestures

6. Awareness

6.1. To manage a class successfully, teachers have to be aware of what students are doing and, where possible, how they are feeling.

6.1.1. It is almost impossible to help students to lear a language in a classroom setting without making contact with them in this way. Giving instructions. There are two general rules for giving instructions: They must be kept as simple as possible and must be logical. Before giving instructions teachers must ask the following questions: